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VHS to DVD/USB Transfers

VHS to DVD/USB Transfers

Here at Phoenix Photographic we offer VHS to DVD/USB transfers in Essex, however with our brand new delivery service, we also cover the whole of mainland UK. This allows you to send your VHS tapes from anywhere in the UK and we will produce a DVD/USB copy back to you within 5 working days. Click below to find out more about our postal service.

With prices starting from just £12.50 it really is affordable to have your special memories transferred to DVD/USB allowing you to view them again! Our transfer services covers both VHS and VHSc, and your DVD will be supplied back to you in a printed cover with your title printed on the DVD too.

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Here is our price list for VHS to DVD copying. The price depends on the amount of time on the VHS / VHSc cassette. For example, if there was 1hr 38mins it would come under the “Up to 2hrs” bracket and would therefore cost £17.50. Additional copies of the DVD are available for just £9.99 each.

Time Price per tape Extra Copies
Up to 1 hr £12.50 £9.99
Up to 2 hrs £17.50 £9.99
Up to 3 hrs £22.50 £9.99
Up to 4 hrs £27.50 £9.99
5 hrs+ £29.50 £9.99
(All inclusive of VAT)